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Through innovation and ingenuity, JR Custom integrates fabrication technologies to improve functionality and add value to our customers’ products. Our engineering team has more than 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing engineering with an emphasis on precise design work and modifications.


JR Custom has developed a broad array of fabrication competencies to provide our customers with single-point, turn-key solutions to their complex fabrication requirements. We specialize in providing completed kits with seamless integration to our customers’ assembly lines, allowing them to reduce manufacturing times and increase output.



  • Creation and design concepts
  • Modifications to existing designs
  • Repairs/upgrades
  • High-precision CNC fabrication (laser, turret, shear, saw, brake, roll and tube forming)
  • Certified welding and assembly (MIG, TIG)
  • Heat treating, powder coating and plating (outsourced locally)
  • Weld tooling fabrication design and laser slot and tab tooling design (inexpensive, yet very effective)


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    At JR Custom, we understand how a part or component fits into the product and production process. We will provide new ideas to improve the design or function of a product or component and suggestions on changes in methods, process or component/part design to reduce cost.

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    With state-of-the-art design systems, such as AutoCAD and Solid Works, we are capable of producing highly accurate drawings. Our goal is to provide customers with the exact product that will meet their specifications, using the most cost-efficient processes.

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    Our goal is to become a member of our customers’ supply chain teams, which will include defining and understanding quality expectations, as well as keeping each customer informed in all phases of the manufacturing process to ensure complete satisfaction.


JR Custom strives continually to develop the management and production skills necessary to provide customers with top-quality products and client-oriented services. Please contact us at (316) 263-1318 to discuss your project!

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